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This aspect of our service covers the whole ambit of buying / selling any of your industrial property and help you maintain asset health. We shall assist you in listing & valuation of properties for both buying & selling. Once right value is arrived at we shall assist you in key negotiation to realize value for your investment. We will assist you in legal due diligence of the property to be bought or sold.


In case of buying we shall assist you in taking physical possession of the property. As an ancillary service we shall assist you in Bank Loan syndication from reputed banks and financial institution. Currently, we offer these services in India (Maharastra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Regions)

Asset Valuation

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Today there is a growing need to monitor equipment in real-time and often remotely, as having visibility into machine performance can drastically improve operational efficiency. And with potentially hundreds of assets in the field, it becomes increasingly difficult to do this without a Smart Technology. A Smart Continuous Monitoring system alleviates many different challenges by:

  • Converting vast amounts of raw data into actionable intelligence

  • Identifying and diagnosing potential problems

  • Dispatching operational, engineering and maintenance tasks to others, via mobile devices or desktop

  • Using collaboration as a means to inform others in the field about potential problems

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